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Hi! I’m Dr. Liz. I’m so excited to meet you!

My mission is to help you have more satisfying relationships in all areas of your life—including the bedroom. As a sex educator, speaker, therapist, and popular podcast guest, I’m able to connect with people from all across the sexual spectrum. 

Kinksters, Queerdos, Non-binary folx, and Non-monogamists are my specialty.

But, I’m here to help anyone who wants to cultivate healthy, consent-driven, autonomy-focused relationships.

No matter who you are, you deserve love—exactly how you are and exactly how you want.

Through my experience as a licensed psychologist (CA #27871 & OR #3068.) and lots of trial and error in my own life, I know without a doubt that the more honest you are about what turns you on, the easier it is to find a partner that understands you and wants to be with you – the real you.

I work with polycules, couples, and singles, whether gay or straight, polyamorous or monogamous, or even if you’re still trying to figure it all out. I help you be who you are.

Because being confident in who you are is the gateway to great relationships and great sex – and great sex really can change the world.

Dive into the site to take a look at any of the free content available. You’ll find videos, blog posts, and downloads on topics from dating to dildos.

Or simply follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my Youtube so you don’t miss out on the latest advice. Connect with me to ask me any burning questions about sex, relationships, polyamory, or anything else on your mind!

Talk to you soon,
Dr. Liz

P.S. Are you a non-monogamist looking for useful ways to navigate the world of polyamory? I literally wrote the book on that! Check out Building Open Relationships: Your hands-on guide to swinging, polyamory, & beyond!


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Help Dr. Liz share Great Sex with the world. Get insider perks. All in one place.
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