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GlamourCosmopolitanMarie ClaireHealthCBC

In Print


Choose Your Own Love Adventure


Sex Q&A: Answering our most popular LGBTQ+ questions


Are Some People Just Slapping the Poly Label on Their Cheating? 

CBC Radio

Sex, Truth, and Audiotape: Shifting Identities in a Changing Sexual Landscape (Part 1); 

Sex, Truth, and Audiotape: What Does Consent Really Mean? (Part 2)

I've Never Had an Orgasm and I LOVE My Sex Life! (link inactive)


Honeydew Me

Fisting: The Key To Deeper, Fuller Pleasure

Degrade Me But In A Hot Way

Polyamory: How To Elevate Your Sex, Relationships, & Life By Unlocking Your Slutty Heart

Fat Chicks On Top

Inviting Your In

Ready for Polyamory

Acknowledging compersion isn't denying our jealousy

You can have a lot of different emotional 'foods' on your 'plate' at once.

Dr. Jess Sexologist

What To Do When We Misread Our Partners

Discordant Couples: When One Partner Wants An Open Relationship

Stuff Mom Never Told You


American Sex Podcast

Building Open Relationships with Dr. Liz Powell

Life on the Swingset

Designing Your Perfect Relationship with Dr. Nerdlove; 

Making Room in Life for the Things Which Matter;

Foreplay and Changing the Idea of Sex

Putting Ourselves Out There in Sex Relationships

Pursuing Threesomes

Bi Invisibility and the Closet; Gentleperverts;

12 Minute Convos

12 Minute Convos with Dr. Liz Powell, PsyD.

On the Wet Coast

Building Your Ideal Relationship 

Loving Without Boundaries

Loving Without Boundaries part 1; Loving Without Boundaries part 2

Season O'Sex

Dr. Liz on Solo Poly, Activism, and Sex with Michelle Obama!

No Proscenium

On Safewords and Consent w/ Dr. Liz Powell 

Leading Edge Love

Dr. Liz Powell on Perfect World Network Radio | Relationships Podcasts  

Sex Cels

Don't Waste Your Pretty

Varsity Vagina (link inactive)

Monogamy is Some Kinky Shit (link inactive)

The Sex That You're Having Is Political! (link inactive)

A Life Well Designed

Sex and Relationships with Dr. Liz Powell


Alt Life Magazine

Can you enjoy Media about Taboo Fantasies & Kinks in a healthy way?

What's the difference between BSDM and Abuse?

How Can You Talk About STIs or STDs with Potential Partners Without Being Ashamed?


'And Just Like That' got it wrong about vaginal suppositories

Ask A Manager

I’m Poly — Can I Ask to Bring Both My Partners to Work Events?

Men's Health

What Does It Mean, Exactly, to Be Nonbinary?


'I am Polyamorous, But I'm Single'

Women's Health Magazine

What It Means To Be Demiromantic And How It Affects Relationships, According To Experts

The Difference Between Pansexuality And Bisexuality, Explained By Experts


Does 'solo polyamory' mean having it all?


What is compersion in dating?

How to ask for an open relationship


Guide to Hotwifing & Cuckoldry


What Does the Word “Queer” Actually Mean? Experts Explain Its History

What does it mean to be a Sapiosexual

Genders, Identity Lists, and Definitions

Pansexual vs. Bisexual Differences

Gay Times

Fancy trying non-monogamy in your relationship? Here’s EYNTK


7 Polyamory Myths It's Time to Stop Believing


What Does It Mean to Be Solo Poly?

10 Pride Flags Whose Symbolism Everyone Should Know  


The Surprising Things 8 People Listen To During Sex

What Is Fisting - How To Pleasure A Woman Sexually

What Is Gender Fluid Genderqueer - Non Binary Meaning

Pansexual Vs Bisexual Meaning Different Sexualities

What Is Bisexual Sex Positive LGBTQ Common Stereotypes

Lesbian Sex Positions For Female Orgasm, Stimulation

Lasting Longer In Bed Tips, Have Better Sex For Hours

Sexting Guide - How To Sext, Message Examples  


A Vampire's Kiss: A Guide to Erotic Biting


Featured on Ask Dr. Nerdlove: "Help, My Girlfriend is an Alcoholic!"

Marie Claire

This Is The Biggest Relationship Challenge Couples Face  

Dope Magazine

Trauma Psychologist Dr. Liz on Treating PTSD with Cannabis


Most People Like to Pretend They're Having Wild Sex

Poly Role Models

Poly Origin Stories w/ Dr. Liz Powell

Coffee & Kink

Sex Educator Interview #6: Dr Liz Powell - Coffee & Kink


A Sex Therapist's Tips for Getting Busy Post-Baby

Classes and Workshops


Past conferences - CatalystCon West 2015, 2016, 2017;  Woodhull 2016, 2017; Atlanta Poly Weekend 2015, 2017; Guelph Sexuality Conference 2017; Converge Con 2017;  CatalystCon MidWest 2016; AASECT 2016, 2018, Sex Down South 2018, PolyDallas Millennium 2018, Kinkfest 2022, Relationship Super Conference 2022

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