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How you can work with Dr. Liz

Online courses: Energize your sex life. Improve your relationships.

Your Erotic Voice

Say goodbye to awkward moments during sex.

Tap into your most authentic erotic voice to get what you want in the bedroom…and beyond!

Nasty, Naughty Negotiation

Set the perfect scene for a night of hot sex. Discover how to make a plan for gettin’ it on - without killing the mood.

Unf*ck Your Polyamory

Still working out the kinks in non-monogamy? Overcome mishaps and miscommunications to create relationships you really desire.

Training for therapists, coaches, and professionals who work with non-monogamous couples. CE credits available!

Declutter Your Dating Life

Do you often find yourself staying in relationships where you're varying degrees of miserable? Do you tell yourself, "well, it's not THAT bad" or "at least I've got someone."

What if your dating life could instead be about keeping only what makes you joyful?

One-on-One Coaching and Therapy

I offer therapy services to residents of California and Oregon (CA 27871, OR 3068). My coaching services extend to anyone regardless of location!

What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Therapy is best for those whose symptoms meet the criteria for a diagnosis like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar. These disorders require specific types of analyses and treatment protocols. If you’re having trouble getting out of bed, struggling at work, or finding it difficult to maintain friendships and relationships, psychotherapy may be right for you. In therapy, I don’t give advice. Instead, I help guide you to discover what solutions are best for you. 

Coaching is for people who want to tune up certain aspects of their life, but don’t have significant impairment. Maybe you want to brush up on your communication skills or get ideas to be more successful at work. Need some advice on relationship patterns that aren’t working out for you? Schedule a call with me to find out if we’re the right fit to work together. 

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Patreon: Help reduce my fees for those in need. Get extra goodies.

With your support, I’m able to bring down the cost of video production. I’ll also be able to offer reduced therapy and coaching fees to those who aren’t able to afford it. Each giving tier comes with perks like access to special content, prize drawings, and copies of my book Building Open Relationships.

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Help Dr. Liz share Great Sex with the world. Get insider perks. All in one place.
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