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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are you accepting new clients?

I am! I'm currently accepting new clients for therapy who live in Oregon or California or for coaching who live anywhere. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation phone call, go to For a bit about the difference between therapy and coaching, you can read my thoughts here -

2) Is it expensive to work with you?

My current full rate is $400 per 50-minute session. I am committed to financial accessibility, so you can read about my policy regarding reduced fee sessions at

3) Where do you see your clients?

All of my clients are currently over video. The video chat program I use is VSee, which is HIPAA-compliant. I currently live in Atlanta and am happy to travel for teaching classes and attending events.

4) Where can I get your book?

You can buy my book from me directly at

5) Do you have online classes?

I do! You can find my online class offerings at

6) I have a show or upcoming event and I'd love to have you speak!

I love teaching classes, speaking at conferences, and performing! My rates for these services depend upon the nature of the work you want me to do, how far I need to travel to get to your show or event, and what kinds of financial resources you have for compensating your performers/instructors/presenters. In general, I tend to look at booking things at least 2-3 months in advance, but for the right event, I can be flexible! Please send me the details of your event (when, where, target audience), what you'd like my role to be, and what kind of compensation you have available and we'll go from there!

7) Can I pick your brain?

I love giving back to my community and to those who are just getting started. Time, unfortunately, is a limited resource. The easiest way to talk to me or pick my brain is to schedule an appointment at or to ask a question for my monthly Q&As. I go live on Instagram on the last Thursday of every month at 9 pm EST answering the submitted questions. While I do offer some pro bono sessions, I reserve the right to charge a fee based on the nature of the conversation.

8) Can you solve my problem?

I frequently get emails from folks who want a quick answer to help with what they view as a single problem in their relationship/sex life/overall life. In my experience, these questions are rarely simple ones. While I would love to help everyone with what's coming up for them, helping with these kinds of questions is usually best done in an actual coaching or therapy session. If you have a question for me about a problem you're trying to solve, I can either add your question to my list of questions to answer in upcoming videos or you can book a session with me at If you want to see if I've already answered your question, you can head to my blog at

9) I want to sell you something!

I get a lot of cold emails about my website/SEO/etc. that doesn't say anything specific about me or my site. If you sent me one of these, please remove me from your list. I'm not interested.

10) What are your pronouns?

I use they/them pronouns.

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Help Dr. Liz share Great Sex with the world. Get insider perks. All in one place.
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