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What to Keep In Mind Now That It’s Almost 2023

Dec 30, 2022

2023 is just around the corner! Many of you are likely reflecting on the last year and creating resolutions, which is great, but please keep these things in mind:

  • This is the turnover of a calendar year. There’s nothing magical about January 1st; we get to decide when we start and stop anything. You get to decide what to do in the next phase of your life, whether that phase starts January 1st, March 23rd, July 18th, or any other date.
  • Be kind to yourself. Loving yourself is just as important as challenging yourself. 
  •  It’s important to be patient with yourself. Growth looks different for everyone and happens at many different speeds. Also, growth is rarely linear, so remember that what looks like a step backward might be just another part of the looping journey of change. 
  • The body you have is yours and yours alone. While so many of us can feel pressure or temptation to change with the new calendar year, especially with weight loss and “fitness” messages everywhere, remember that your body is your paintbrush, not your artwork. Don’t wait to live until your body looks a certain way, live now. 
  • Don’t forget to check in with yourself to see if your ‘resolution’ is really something you want to focus your energy on. It’s easy to make the resolutions we think we should make or should want; you deserve better than to should all over yourself. You are the expert on yourself, not anyone else.
  • Notice how you think about yourself when you’re making resolutions. Are you thinking of yourself as a lazy, unruly, slovenly thing that needs to be disciplined and shaped up? Would you talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself about your resolutions? Change is the most achievable and sustainable when it comes from a place of kindness, love, and understanding. Ask yourself what resolutions you would make if you thought of yourself as someone who is already trying their best and dealing with a lot of legitimately tough stuff, someone who deserves compassion and caring, someone who is already worthy of love and belonging.
  • Maximizing isn’t always the best idea. You deserve fun and relaxation and time to be lazy. Don’t let the productivity or achievement monsters eat up your entire life.

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Help Dr. Liz share Great Sex with the world. Get insider perks. All in one place.
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