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How can I get through the holidays without getting burnt out?

How do I find the balance between taking care of my responsibilities and not overdoing it, especially with the holiday season? This is such a great question. And I think it’s one of those questions that I’m going to give like a frustrating therapist answer to because the thing about burnout is the only way […]

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Is rebounding normal after a breakup if you’re polyamorous?

Is it normal to want to rebound after a poly breakup but not wanting to rebound to the other existing partners? So this is a really interesting question and I think for me when I first heard the question I was like, “Yeah, of course.” Right? The thing about a rebound is that I think […]

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What is toxic positivity and how do I respond to it?

What is toxic positivity and how do I respond to it? I love talking about toxic positivity. Toxic positivity is also sometimes taking the form of spiritual bypassing. So it’s essentially this way of being like no negativity ever! Which here is the thing you all, that’s not real life. Anyone who is like, “Never […]

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What is the difference between boundaries and non-negotiables in relationships?

How do I recognize and address boundaries versus non-negotiables within my relationships? So I think I would ask you what you mean by non-negotiables because to me, boundaries are by definition non-negotiable things. So I don’t know what it is that you’re asking here. Non-negotiables maybe phrased in a positive fashion more often of like […]

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Is Compersion a Necessity in Polyamory?

Is it wrong that I don’t feel compersion even though I am polyamorous? So short answer, no. Compersion is not required. And I think that it is worth looking at what are you taking compersion to mean? If you are looking at compersion as something that only exists in an absence of jealousy then like […]

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What are red and green flags in polyamory?

What red flags should I look out for when dating as a poly person? So I think that I have a couple of answers here. For the most part, I don’t think that the red flag like the general red flags are super different in a poly person than in a monogamous person. Is this […]

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What’s the Difference Between Gender Identity and Expression?

What’s the difference between gender identity and expression?      This is a great question, very straightforward and simple. Expression is about how you present yourself to the world. So gender expression, how you present yourself to the world.  Gender identity is your internal experience of gender. So people may have an alignment between the two. So […]

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Is it safe to share your kinky side at work?

Dr. Liz Powell: “I’m a psychologist about to start work in a healthcare setting. I want to build relationships with my new colleagues and I thought about what to look for in terms of signs that it will be safe to disclose that I am kinky. My pull to do is that I can be […]

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What conflict resolution skills should I use in my relationships?

Dr. Liz Powell: What are some conflict resolution skills you would recommend for new relationships?  I mean I don’t if they are different than the established ones.  Sander Jones: Yeah. I don’t know that they are different than the established relationships.  Dr. Liz Powell: I mean what I might say because again, I am that […]

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When do I know it's time to end my relationship?

Dr. Liz Powell: When do I throw in the towel on a relationship after being in couple’s therapy? Do you feel like a breakup doula a lot of the time?  Rae McDaniel: Sometimes yeah. Yeah.  Dr. Liz Powell: Yeah.  Rae McDaniel: I can.  Dr. Liz Powell: In my experience, a lot of people do not […]

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