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Happy Bisexual Visibility Day! (and why do we even need that in the first place?)

As many of you may have seen on Facebook/Twitter/etc. yesterday, September 23rd, was Bisexual Visibility Day.  Now while most people are familiar with Gay Pride celebrations, some may wonder why we have a day for making bisexual people more "visible."  After all, shouldn't Gay Pride include bisexuals the same way it includes lesbians and trans* […]

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Let's Talk About Sex!!!

Recently, I saw an article titled "What Your Doctor Wishes You Would Ask About Sex".  In it, I found some really disquieting statistics: "Despite the countless ways sex saturates our culture — from overt mentions in music and on TV to ads touting male performance boosters — talking about sex mechanically and medically can be […]

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What does "sex-positive" mean?

According to Wikipedia The sex-positive movement is a social movement which promotes and embraces sexuality with few limits beyond an emphasis on safe sex and the importance of consent. Sex positivity is "an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation. The sex-positive movement is a social and philosophical […]

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