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Know Yourself - Why Self-Knowledge Is Key to Your Best Relationships

Imagine you bought a dress that didn’t quite fit you right. You thought it looked amazing on the hanger and when you tried it on it looked really good but had a few little problems which you figured weren’t that big a deal. So you wear it out to a party and all of your […]

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Fight for the Right to Flog

Hello everyone!! This week, I wanted to talk briefly about a recent court decision that has really been irritating me.  A federal district court found this week that there is no constitutional right to engage in BDSM activity.  Their decision was based on a falsehood: that there is no history of BDSM. If you're sitting […]

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Why Asking For What You Want Will Change Your Life! - OR - Ghostbusters!

It seems like it should be so simple to ask for something we want. If you watch children, they will walk up to relative strangers and make demands of their time and attention. "Play tea with me!" "Read this to me!" "Come over here!" They are so fully engrossed in their own desires that they […]

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Singing the Praises of Singlehood!

In our culture, there are few conditions considered more tragic or detrimental (especially to women) than being single. This is portrayed as a state of desperation, despair, and loneliness. Think of Old Maids, Spinsters, and crazy cat ladies. I see these stereotypes of singlehood and it makes me really confused. See, to me, being single […]

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On Gaining Perspective

As a psychologist, people are always asking me if I’m analyzing everyone I meet or know. What I tell them is that I’m not usually doing it especially because most people don’t want me to. The biggest reason though that I’m not analyzing people I’m close to is because I can’t; I’m too close to […]

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A Welcome Break

With the holidays and all sorts of exciting events at the Embodiment Arts Collective, I've decided to not do any new blogs for the rest of December.  I'll pick back up in January with my regular Thursday posts. To tide you over, here are some suggestions: This Saturday at 11am I'm doing my Let's Talk […]

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Holiday Self-Care

Happy Holiday season everyone!! The few months from Halloween through Thanksgiving on to Christmas and New Year’s, sometimes even stretching on to Valentine’s Day, are times of family, friends, and celebrations. However, they can also be times of stress, worry, conflict, and exhaustion. Today, we’re going to talk about how to keep yourself as healthy, […]

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Learning To Love "No"

One of my favorite things for a partner (or friend, or client) to tell me is “no.” Now before you start thinking today is opposite day or that I’ve lost it, let me explain. Until someone tells me no, it is really hard for me to trust their yes. Everyone knows that they could technically […]

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Change Is A Cha-Cha

Wouldn’t it be awesome if things in life followed direct, simple paths? If your progress at learning a new instrument or how to crochet or a new habit would go from 0/100 to 100/100 in a simple, easily understood, linear fashion? Sadly, change almost never happens in a straight line. Today, I was meeting with […]

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You Deserve Pleasure

Dear readers, I have a confession. I am a workaholic. My workaholism comes from several sources. First, I really, really, really love what I do. Helping people achieve their goals and get the life they want is such an amazing opportunity; every session I get to spend with a client reignites my passion for this […]

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