Fight for the Right to Flog

Mar 11, 2016
Image: A person with pink hair wrapped in black bondage tape

Image: A person with pink hair wrapped in black bondage tape

Hello everyone!!

This week, I wanted to talk briefly about a recent court decision that has really been irritating me.  A federal district court found this week that there is no constitutional right to engage in BDSM activity.  Their decision was based on a falsehood: that there is no history of BDSM.

If you're sitting there shocked, so am I.  If you haven't already seen it, there's an excellent Slate article that outlines history of BDSM going all the way back to 490 BC.

Yes, that's 2500 years of history that a court just ruled doesn't matter or exist.

Regardless of the historical documentation, I strongly disagree that the legislature or courts have any business telling consenting adults what to do with their bodies.  In Massachusetts, for instance, most BDSM clubs have to be completely underground as a law there states that you cannot consent to receiving physical "assault" of any sort (and the law has been used to prosecute consensual kinksters).

I'm sad and I'm furious and I'm wearing my activist hat today which is why I'm going to urge all of you to do one thing for me:

Go to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and send them some support.  They are fighting the fight to support kinksters everywhere so that we don't have to worry about getting arrested or losing custody of their children because we enjoy BDSM.

Let's all band together to stand up for our rights!

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