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Reviewing the Eva Couples Vibe from Dame

Jul 13, 2023

I’m sure most of you all have heard of Dame, Dame Products.

They do sex toys.

They do things like lube, massage oil.

They reached out to me and they asked if I would give an honest review of some of their products.

Their adorable little – it’s like a couples clip in clit vibe, which is the Eva.

So it comes in this little kind of pod packaging that charges in.

And this is what it looks like.

So, there are a lot of couples vibes on the market and I think that it’s always an interesting concept and the thing I tell folks all the time about any vibe that is intended to be worn without any kind of like support or harness or about anything that’s intended to be used while you’re doing penetrative sex is that whether or not that product works for you is going to be highly dependent upon your biology, like how your body is shaped, how your body functions.

They are designed generally for a very certain range of body types.

And so if you have a body type that is different, it may or may not work as well for you.

So with the Eva, the way that you use the Eva is you kind of squish these little arms in and put them in under your outer labia.

So if these are your outer labia, your labia majora, you kind of slide it in and then the legs open up to kind of hold on to the undersides of your outer labia, which is a really interesting way to keep something on your body.

I didn’t know if it would work particularly well for me because I don’t have particularly large labia majora and I do have very large thighs.

So when I tried it, what I did find was that because I put lube on so that the clip wouldn’t give me or so that the vibe wouldn’t give me rug burn, the vibe ended up moving around a lot especially when I used a penetrative toy along with it.

And I think that for the way that my body is built, this is just not going to work as well without some kind of external support.

Like if I had a little harness over it, if I held it down with my fingers, it could be fun and interesting.

But on its own without anything support it, this I think would not stay on my body.

For me personally how it works.

The other thing about this vibe is that whenever you have a vibe this small, most likely the motor in it is going to be fairly buzzy.

So when we talk about vibes, we will talk about vibes that are more rumbly which is like a deeper kind of vibration versus ones that are more buzzy which is a kind of more circus vibration.

Different people have different preferences.

I tend to prefer a rumblier, deeper kind of vibration in part because my body tends to require kind of a higher vibration level to respond well.

And this is a fairly buzzy vibe.

So let me see.

I don’t know if you can hear it.

I’ll turn it up to the highest.

If you can hear that like buzzzzzzz, it is a pretty buzzy vibe especially on its highest level.

It’s 3 levels, 1 button.

Like I said, my body tends to require a fairly high level of vibration.

At the lowest level, I didn’t feel a ton from it.

Medium level, kind of some.

Highest level, it was so buzzy that it started to become irritating than good for me, for my body.

I think that if you’re someone who enjoys buzzy vibes, this would be great for you.

The other thing about it is that I’m someone who has some bottom growth from having been on testosterone and I think perhaps because of that bottom growth or just because of how my stuff is shaped, the Eva didn’t quite sit on my clit where I wanted it to.

In order to get it on to like the most sensitive part of my clit, the head of my clit, I had to kind of move it down further towards the vaginal opening which then made any kind of penetration much more challenging and more likely to lock, to not get loose.

So I think that if you have a clit that sits a little higher, if you have a clit that is more sensitive and so lighter levels of vibration are better for you, this would be a really great toy.

I think that for the way that my body works, it is probably less of a good fit.

And that again, is like nothing bad about the toy.

It’s just that different bodies are shaped differently and function differently.

I do think it is like a high-quality toy.

It has got a really nice soft silicone.

It should be pretty easy to clean.

The only areas I’m worried about cleaning particularly well, I gave it a quick clean but up here at the top where it has got those little crevices, I think those could be a little bit more challenging to clean.

You may need to use like a nail brush or like a discarded toothbrush to make sure you get in there.

So yeah, the Eva I think is a really interesting idea.

I think that if you have the kind of anatomy that it works well for, it could be great for you.

If you like lighter vibrations, it could be really great for you.

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