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Reviewing the Arousal Serum & Massage Oil Candle from Dame

Aug 3, 2023

I’m sure most of you all have heard of Dame, Dame Products.

They do sex toys.

They do things like lube, massage oil.

They reached out to me and they asked if I would give an honest review of some of their products.

The Arousal Serum.

So, arousal serums for the most part if they are intended to be used on people who have vulvas are usually peppermint, cinnamon, or both.

And the idea is that the chemicals in those oils are kind of slightly irritating to the issue so what they do is they bring a lot more blood flow to the tissue which then increases sensation.

So, it gives you kind of like a warm, tingly feeling which a lot of people enjoy and which they associate with feeling more aroused or more sensitive to contact.

This one you use one or two drops.

I used some and it gave me that nice, warm feeling.

I think that like if you are someone who enjoys that like warm, tingly feeling, this would be a good one for you.

The ingredients are nice.

It has got good stuff in it.

It seems pretty high quality.

I like the cute little bottle.

I think that for me, I always feel a little bit mixed about arousal serums because again, essentially what you are doing is just inflaming the tissue.

And so, because I already have like clit growth, it just going to make that area even bigger which makes it a little bit tougher of a fit for a lot of the toys that are available on the market for people who have vulvas.

Just a pros-cons thing for everybody.

This is the massage candle.

Massage oil candles are a pretty standard thing across the market these days.

A lot of different companies make massage oil candles.

Basically, usually what they are is like either a soy or coconut-based wax.

Let me see if I can pull up the information on this.

And because those melt in fairly low temperature, when you light the candle, the kind of waxy texture turns into an oil.

It comes warm on to your skin but it’s not going to hurt you.

And it’s something you can pour out pretty easily.

Blow it out when you’re done and you can have nice, warmed massage oil that you can use.

In general, if you are using something like a massage oil, you are going to want to be very cautious about where you use it and how because oil can make most condoms not effective anymore.

It damages the material.

So if you are using latex condoms or if you are using I think it’s polyisoprene condoms, the same stuff that Skyn brand condoms are made out of, you don’t want to mix oil and those condoms.

So if you are using a massage oil, you would want to wipe your hands off really well before rolling on a condom with them just to make sure that you don’t damage that material.

The only condoms I know of for sure that are safe to use with oils are the FC2s, the insertable condoms, often called Female Condoms.

Those ones are safe to use with oil.

Everything else, you want to be very cautious.

What they recommend is lighting it and letting it burn for at least 20 minutes so that there is a nice even layer then you blow the flame out and pour it directly on to the skin or scoop it out with your fingertips and massage it in.

When I first lit it, I had to pour a little bit out so that the wick would stay lit.

But after that, it did a pretty good job.

It feels pretty nice on my skin.

It’s not super oily and gross.

It’s also not super waxy, so that’s nice.

Yeah, so it looks like they use a soy wax and coconut oil.

Nailed it.

There’s also sweet almond oil and vitamin E, a little bit of beeswax, some olive oil, some sunflower wax, some jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, shea butter, kava kava root extract, and a little bit of melatonin.

And it comes in three different fragrances.

If you are someone who has a fragrance allergy or sensitivity or you live with someone who does or play with someone who does, this would not be a good fit for you.

They are scented.

While they may be using essential oils to scent them, it’s not super clear on the website whether they are so you just want to be very careful about that.

I found the fragrance to be pretty nice.

It was not super overwhelming or overpowering.

It was fairly low key.

Again, anything fragrance, you want to keep away from mucus membranes.

So you want to keep it away from your genital area if you have a vulva, from the head of a penis because fragrances can be very irritating to that delicate skin.

And if you are licking it, you would want to be careful around that as well.

Overall, I think that they make very high quality products.

Everybody likes different things.

Everybody’s bodies respond to different things.

But I think again, this is a company that makes good products.

It’s just about whether they’re the right fit for you and your body.

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