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Reviewing the Aer Suction Vibe from Dame

Jul 24, 2023

I’m sure most of you all have heard of Dame, Dame Products.

They do sex toys.

They do things like lube, massage oil.

They reached out to me and they asked if I would give an honest review of some of their products

The Aer

The reason I asked for this one is because clit-sucking vibes are my favorite right now.

Usually when I’m getting myself off, I’m using a Satisfyer.

I really love that kind of sensation.

It’s something that I’m super enjoying these days.

The Aer is – it’s very sleek. It’s a little bit small.

So depending again, like your anatomy and physiology, I found it a little bit difficult to grip just because it’s short and it’s thin.

And so, gripping it to actually use it was kind of a difficult positioning for my body.

But I’m a bigger person.

I think that if you are a smaller person, it might work better for you.

The other thing I was concerned about that was a little bit of an issue is just the size of the opening for the suction.

So again, because I have bottom growth, my clit is bigger than a lot of other people’s.

And that means that with something like this, in order to get a good seal, the width of the opening often has to be a little bit wider in order to make sure that I can get a good seal around my clit.

And with this toy, I found that it was a little bit tough to get that kind of good seal because it is again a little bit smaller of an opening.

But it is like a nice, soft kind of feel there.

The other thing about it is again, this is kind of a softer vibe.

I think that overall compared to other products that I’ve used, it seems like Dame’s Products are like lower on the vibration end, which is a great.

For a lot of people, a lot of products are way too intense of a vibration.

So this is good for folks who need that kind of gentler vibration.

If you have a much more sensitive clit, like that’s going to be great for you.

It has got one button to turn it on.

Oh, I think I ran it out of battery.

And then it just got like more and less intense buttons.

The charger for it is one of those magnetic USBs which I love, very easy.

You can’t mess it up.

For me, the level of suction was a little – it wasn’t quite intense enough for me.

Again, I think that if you like – if you find the toys like the Satisfyer are a bit intense for you, if the Womanizer is too intense for you, something like the Aer would be a really good fit.

It is a full silicone body, which is nice.

The Womanizer and the Satisfyer both have plastic bodies, which is – you can’t really sanitize them in the same way.

This wouldn’t be boilable because it has electronics, but I think it is watertight, which means that you could use it in the bathroom.

It’s easy to clean in the sink with some sanitizing spray.

Again, with any of these nuzzles, you want to make sure you try to get in there to clean, and that’s a little bit trickier but I think you could probably do it pretty well.

And again, it was – for folks who want a lower level.

So if you’re someone who needs like a lower level of intensity on the toys that you play with, this could be a really good sucking vibe for you.

I do love sucking vibes just in general.

I think they are a lot of fun to play with. It’s a really good sensation.

And again, I think that overall, it seems pretty well-made.

It just was not quite intense enough for my body. And I did have that issue with my clit growth and not quite fitting properly.

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