Declutter Your Dating Life

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Do you often find yourself staying in relationships where you're varying degrees of miserable? Do you tell yourself, "well, it's not THAT bad" or "at least I've got someone."

What if your dating life could instead be about keeping only what makes you joyful?

We've all heard about that decluttering technique that asks us to keep only that which sparks joy in our homes, but why can't that also be true for our dating lives? So many of us have been told we're too picky or that we'll end up alone that we stop listening to the parts of us that let us know something isn't working. We hold onto relationships that don't really fit us anymore simply because we've had them for so long. However, this approach of holding onto that which isn't right makes it even harder for us to find the relationships that WILL be right for us.

In this class, we'll talk about how to determine what brings us joy, how to find joy in those connections we cannot release, and how to release those relationships that no longer serve us. Think of this like a boundaries, communication, and break-up class rolled into one!

Stop filling your life with relationships that don't serve you; declutter your dating!

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