The Personal is Political: Why sex matters in today's world

Dec 26, 2016

Why am I bothering to talk about sex and relationships when so many things are happening in the world right now?

The personal is political. In these times where people like me who are queer are worried about what’s going to happen to us, in these times where folks are looking around and wondering what’s coming to the world and what’s going to happen, the choices that we make about how we live our personal lives make a big statement about us and are a revolutionary act in and of themselves.

The personal is political.

The sex you choose to have today can affect the world. The way that you stand up for your relationship (that is unlike other people’s relationships) and refuse to let someone tell you that you are wrong or broken or damaged - those are political acts.

What we can do today is little, small, tiny things. If you have the energy, if you have the resources to do great, big moves, to go to every protest, to write the letters, to make the phone calls, do it.

Start where you are. Do what you can.

If the only energy you have is to live your life the way that it’s authentic for you, that is your piece of the revolution. Don’t ever let anyone take your identity from you. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you cannot be your authentic self or that being your authentic self is not revolutionary enough.

Let’s all join the revolution.

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