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Yay! I'm so excited you are considering purchasing my ebook. Let's talk tech stuff for just a quick second so you can be reading ASAP!

My ebook download will be delivered instantly as an EPUB file. This can be opened on Android phones using Google Play Books or on Iphone using the ebook reader.

If you want to add it to your Kindle device, follow these next couple steps:

Since Kindle uses a proprietary format, we're going to use a program called Calibre to do the formatting. It works on Mac, PC, and Linux so no worries there.

Once you have installed Calibre, make sure you have downloaded the EPUB file to your computer. Open Calibre and choose "Add books." Find the file and select it.

Next, click on "Convert books." A whole bunch of options come up, but don't worry. We're only looking for one thing. At the top right, find "Output format" and choose "MOBI." Let it do the converting magic!

Now you're ready to add it to your Kindle! You can plug your device into your computer with a USB cord. Right click the book in Calibre and choose "Open containing folder" then just drag and drop over to your Kindle. You can also email it to your Kindle.

If you want to read the book on your phone Kindle app, I suggest purchasing it through Amazon.

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Help Dr. Liz share Great Sex with the world. Get insider perks. All in one place.
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