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Dr. Liz’s Holiday Gift List!

Dec 17, 2022

It’s the solstice, Christmas, and Hanukkah this month so, like most folks out there, I’m putting together a gift list! Overall, I believe in supporting ethically sourced, inclusive brands, especially focusing on small businesses owned by women, BIPOC folks, LGBTQ+ folks, and fat folks.

With no further ado, here are some websites and products that I love: 


Who doesn’t love a great sex toy? But who hasn’t felt LOST looking at all the options out there? Here’s a selection of my favorite toys this year as well as my favorite places to buy them.

Funkit Toys NoFrillDo ($20-40)

By now, we’ve probably all heard at least a little bit about how important it is for sex toys to be made of body-safe materials. However, lots of the brands that are most prominent in these discussions can be out of the budget for most folks. Enter the NoFrillDo - a premium silicone dildo in fun colors for a very affordable price. Bonus - if you get a cyan or magenta NoFrillDo you’ll help support the Baltimore Abortion Fund! Funkit Toys also has a plethora of dildos, plugs, and GORGEOUS custom toys in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors if you’re looking to splurge on something nice.

ShotPocket Pleasure Sleeve ($24.99)

Unlike most of the products on this list, I haven’t yet gotten to personally try the ShotPocket. However, as I’ve been doing a bunch of research to find a good stroker for folks with bottom growth from T, this is the one that everyone is raving about. Plus, you don’t end up supporting a person who’s encouraging transphobia and transmedicalism when you buy it (looking at you, Buck-Off, and Kiss X).

Ruby Glow Dusk ($39 at Walmart, $69 at Babeland)

If you want a toy to grind on, The Ruby Glow Dusk is a great choice. It’s got 2 vibrators, a smooth side and a side with ridges, and it’s super portable. It does use batteries instead of being rechargeable, so be aware if that’s an important distinction for you. (I know that many people recommend the Enby by Wild Flower, but Wild Flower attempted to copyright the word “enby” and sued a BIPOC-owned small sex shop over it even though their trademark application was denied, so I would stay far away from Wild Flower.)

Rodeoh Harnesses (price varies)

While I think many of us love the posh feel and look of a leather strap-on harness, we can all agree that they can be tough to keep clean. Plus, sometimes I don’t want to fiddle with straps and buckles, I just want to slide on my dick and get going. Enter the Rodeoh harness. They’re designed to fit like underwear while still giving you all the control you need to wield the dildo of your choice. Rodeoh offers a huge variety of cuts, colors, patterns, and sizes (up to 5x) and, like regular underwear, they’re all easy to wash after use. These days, Rodeoh also has packing underwear, vibrators, dildos, packers, and other fun toys and accessories. My current favorite harness is this Jock Harness ($49.99) which has been giving me all the gender euphoria feels. I also recommend getting the neoprene stabilizers to both cushion the thruster and ensure the dildo is nice and secure while in use.

Satisfyer Pro 2 ($58) 

Clitoral-sucking vibes have been a big deal for the last 7-8 years since Womanizer first debuted their model. Now, there are lots of options in the field. I love the Satisfyer Pro 2 because the suction opening is wider than many other brands/models, so it’s easier to find the right place to put it to create that delicious suction. It’s also much easier to use if you have bottom growth from T than most other brands.

New York Toy Collective

If you want some gorgeous, high-quality toys from a small US company, then look no further than New York Toy Collective. I’m deeply into the Carter ($179), a thick, perfectly squishy dildo with a bendable rod at its core. I also love the Sam STP ($75) and the accompanying STP strap ($29) for days when I want to be able to pack and, well, stand to pee lol. I’m very intrigued by the Jack 2-in-1 stroker ($59) and will be adding it to my own holiday wishlist.

Doxy Die Cast ($189.99)

If you want to really splurge and you love deep, powerful vibration, I strongly recommend the Doxy Die Cast. It’s a hefty beast that can make you scream with rumbly vibes and enough power for fans of the strongest vibes. It comes in 2 sizes, plus has a new rechargeable version; I’ve only personally used the full-size, wall-plug one (not the Die Cast 3 or the rechargeable), so I can’t say whether the other versions are as rumbly as their original counterpart. For those who care about looks, you can buy it in multiple colors and now patterns to match any sense of style!


There’s a reason that most of the best sex educators and bloggers are SheVibe affiliates: it’s simply one of the best places to get sex toys, books, and more online. Unlike lots of web stores, SheVibe groups the toys by how you use them, rather than needlessly (and inaccurately) gendering things like vibrators and butt plugs. They have a HUGE selection and often have some great deals around the holidays. Plus, we’ve got a discount code for you - Use code docliz for 10% off!

Spectrum Boutique

I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased because I love Zoë Ligon, but Spectrum is my favorite online store and almost always the first place I check when I’m shopping for something new. The toys are all high quality, the blog is super educational, and you’re supporting a small, woman-owned business out of Detroit. Plus, we’ve got a discount code for you - use code DrLiz for 15% off!


Lube is, I think, one of those simple things that separate those who might be good at sex sometimes from those who know their way around a sexual encounter. No matter what kind of bodies are involved, lube can make everything more smooth and slick, and easy. It is important to check that what lube you’re using is going to be okay for your body (this guide can help). Here are some of my favorite lubes


My go-to lube, no matter what, is pretty much always Uberlube. It’s a silicone lube that just freaking does the job for a good long time without feeling gross or wrong. It can take some practice to get used to their bottles and the pump action they use, but the fact that their products are in glass containers instead of plastic makes them one of the most ecologically friendly companies for packaging. If you’re using silicone toys, be aware that using silicone lube with them can cause problems over time, so either use a condom to protect the toy or be sure to spot-test the lube and always wash the toys right after use. Plus, we’ve got a discount code for you - use code DrLiz for 10% off!


If I’m using water-based lube, I tend to reach for Sliquid Sassy. It’s thick and lasts much longer than many other water-based lubes I’ve tried. Sliquid lists the pH of lubes on their website, making it easy to choose ones that are closest to the pH of the body area you’re using them on. Sassy is also great for butt stuff since it’s thicker texture really helps to reduce friction.


As a trans masc person who has a love/hate relationship with my breasts, I figured I’d give some binder recommendations in case folks are looking for some gifts to support their gender this year.


Look, if what you want is a fairly affordable binder ($35 for most half-lengths, $37 for tanks, $45 for racerback), you can’t go wrong with gc2b. They’ve been around for a long time and sell binders that are pretty darned comfortable and even cute sometimes. They have a great guide to measuring yourself in order to pick the right size and they’ll happily walk you through sizing if you have questions. 

For Them

The top of my list for gifts to buy myself (after I recover from my recent move) is a For Them binder. Everyone I talk to says these are the most comfortable binders they’re ever worn, so you know I’m intrigued. All their binders are custom to your measurements, which is pretty awesome, and at $48 they’re still pretty reasonably priced. They even go up to 62 inches in size so they really are made to fit any body that wants to bind. If you want to get a binder for someone else, they even have a specific gift option you can purchase!

Body Wear

Last, I want to share a few shops that I love who work on inclusive clothing and/or undergarments for people of all genders and sizes.

Origami Customs

Full disclosure: my assistant is the one who told me about this company, but now that I’ve looked at their website I am planning a shopping trip. Origami Customs does undergarments, swimwear, and lingerie as well as binders, gaffs, and packing undergarments. For each item, you can either choose from a standard size or get it customized for free. Yes, really. They center trans, non-binary, and queer folks in everything they do and every item has pictures of it on a variety of body shapes and sizes (including trans and fat people). I’m so into their offerings and can’t wait to see what they offer next. 

Dapper Boi

For trans masc folks, Dapper Boi has been a go-to source of masculine clothes that fit bodies with the kinds of shapes that most “men’s” clothing isn’t designed for. Their clothes can be on the pricier side since they’re generally done in pretty small runs. Their business model is different than most clothing brands I’ve seen. They run pre-order/crowdfunding campaigns for new garments which get you the best prices and deals, so if the price is an issue for you (and let’s be real, who isn’t it an issue for these days), it’s worth either signing up for their mailing list or checking the website regularly. 

Chub Rub Clothing

When I was drafting this list, I wanted to include Bawdy Love as they made the most FABULOUS lingerie, centering fat people in both the items made and their marketing. But, unfortunately, Bawdy Love has been going through a major restructuring in the second half of this year. One of the founders is going to be transitioning to a new company, Chub Rub Clothing, and you can sign up at the link above to be the first to hear about their clothes once they’re available. Until now, you can scroll through the Chub Rub Instagram page to see all the fabulous garments they made in their previous incarnation. 

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