Ever wonder why you don’t have the sex and relationships you want?

Get what you desire in the bedroom and beyond by finding your sexy, confident, authentic voice!

You've been there – it’s time to play with someone and all of a sudden you feels nervous, agitated, or frozen, worrying that they might judge you for what you want. You worry that talking about what you want in the bedroom might make you “selfish” or “greedy” or make your partner feel inadequate. Sometimes, even trying to figure out what you want feels impossible, much less finding the words to talk about it!

I remember a time once where I was about to hook up with someone and the way they were touching me was hurting me. They didn’t intend to, they had just pinched my skin the wrong way. What did I do? I sat there, frozen, hoping it would just end soon and get back to something I would enjoy.

If you’ve been in that situation, sitting there and wishing your partner would just read your mind already, this is the course for you! Learn the skills you need to help your partner give you what you want with confidence, strength, sexiness, and love.

So what is Your Erotic Voice about?

You’ll learn how to ask for what you want before, during, and after sex so that your partner(s) can give you all the pleasure they already think you deserve! You’ll dive deep into identifying your turn-ons so that you can sparkle with a special magnetism. Most importantly, you’ll practice saying yes and no with love and kindness so that your friends, family, and partners will always know where they stand with you.

This 6-week course will give you easy, guided practice to put your skills into practice right away. You’ll get enough information in each 90-minute session to go out into the real world and implement what you’re learning. You’ll see immediate changes in your life as your courage grows and your actions empower others to chase their own pleasure!

In just six weeks, you can be well on your way to leaving behind a life of frozen, awkward, unsatisfying experiences. The freedom and pleasure you’ll gain from finding
and using your voice is truly priceless!

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