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Jun 19, 2019

Hey folks! I have a trailer up at my Youtube channel! Feel free to check it out and share with someone you love.


Hi, there! I’m Dr. Liz Powell and you are on my channel here on YouTube. On this channel, I talk about scary, complicated, messy adult topics like communication, dating, getting what you want, and honesty. I also talk about S-E-X a lot. So if you are under 18, I’m legally required to ask you to not watch my videos.

I curse. I laugh. I tell my stories. I’m real personal and vulnerable so I hope that you enjoy the videos here.

Primarily, this channel talks about issues related to sex, dating, and relationships with a focus on issues for those in non-monogamous community, kinky communities, queers, and trans and non-binary folks.

I do talk about stuff that applies to literally everyone so I’m sure you will find a video here that suits you. And if you ever have a question come up that you would love to see me answer, you can comment it on one of these videos or send it to me on Twitter.

If you watch these videos and you love what you see, feel free to hop on over to Patreon. There’s a link to it in the show notes of most of my videos. Hoping you enjoy what you see. Dive on in.

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