A Reckoning

Jun 4, 2020

The first Pride was a reckoning, born out of anti-cop riots led by black queer and trans folx. And just like then, we are now facing another reckoning in this country. What has been cannot stand, we cannot continue to allow injustice, to allow the state sanctioned murder of so many of our black citizens. My voice is not the most important one; we need to listen to those most affected by these injustices. So, below are ways we can support those fighting, and below are voices to listen to.

I’ll be updating my twitter page regularly with new resources but here are some places to start: 

Educate Yourself: 

How non-black folx can talk with/support their black friends: a thread. 

thread of black arts and black sexual freedom organizations and individuals. 

Anti-racist resources in Spanish. 

10 steps to non-optical allyship

Follow and join The Great Unlearn from Rachel Cargle

Resources for white people to deepen your anti-racism work. Check it out here.

This doesn’t go away once the topic isn’t, trending. Learn about next steps here.

Receive a free book for every $10 you donate to racial justice organizations via Thorntree Press.

Engage in Reparations: 

Send money to black, indigenous and people of color via venmo or cashapp and here

In Los Angeles? Support LA’s Black-owned restaurants here

In Portland? Support Portland’s Black-owned restaurants here

Donate to the Black Resilience Fund here and move money towards black Portlanders.

Donate to Black Lives Matter: Find the main donation page here. You can also get involved with your local BLM chapter. Find the list here.

Donate to a bail fund: Many people are crowdsourcing lists of local organizations that help bail out protesters who get arrested. Check it out on twitter here or view the Google Doc here.

Support the National Police Accountability Project: This group, a project of the National Lawyers Guild, helps people find legal counsel. More info here.

Support Campaign Zero, a police reform group that has been working on policy solutions “informed by data and human rights principles.” More info here.

Donate to the Mutual Aid Fund for Sex Workers of Color in New York. 

Purchase a CSA box from black farms to send to black families experiencing food insecurity in Portland.

A thread of black owned candle companies. 

Add Your Voice: 

Sign a petition: Civil rights group Color of Change launched a petition asking that all the officers involved in Floyd’s death are brought to justice. Find it here.

Another petition: The “Justice for George Floyd” petition on Change.org already has over 10 million supporters. Help send a big message. Find it here.

The New York State legislature must repeal Civil Rights Law 50-a, which has been used to shield law enforcement from accountability by preventing transparency regarding acts of misconduct by police officers. Sign the petition here.

Breonna Taylor survived the frontlines of a pandemic that disproportionately kills Black people, only to have her life stolen by police on March 13. Fight for Breonna and take action here.

On May 27, Tony McDade, a black LGBTQ person, was shot and killed by a Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) officer. Fight for justice for Tony here

When Julius Jones was 19-years-old, he was convicted of a murder he says he did not commit. Help save his life here.

Additional Resources: 

An easy tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests. Use the tool here.

Obama has created a page with many other important links and information. Check it out here.

Compilation list of petitions, funds, and legal resources including individual venmos and cashapps for black organizers needing support now. 

thread of black geek creators to follow

List of black creatives and activists in the food and beverage industry to support

List of black owned banks and credit unions. 

A list of organizations working to advance black food sovereignty


There are many groups and people out there to support. Continue sharing, giving, protesting, educating yourself, engaging in mutual aid with your communities and more. This isn’t the end, it is only the beginning.

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